Okinawa Sushi

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Okinawa Sushi & Grill

Welcome to Okinawa Sushi & Grill ! We focus on providing healthy, fresh, and natural dishes to satisfy the modern customer’s tastes and needs. Our main specialty cuisines are Japanese , All of our dishes are made with only the freshest of ingredients of the highest quality to achieve the best flavors and presentation.

Wellness Sushi - Denver's Vegan Sushi Line

We use the locals and seasonal ingredients such as an array of fresh vegetables and fruits, roots vegetables (Okinawa purple yam, Beetroot, Konjac roots, Burdock roots, etc.), Organic Non-GMO Tofu, bean curd, broad spectrum of mushrooms (King oyster mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom, etc.) and other vegan ingredients.

Kazu's Sushi

A descendant of the Samurai Warriors of Japan, Kazu was born on the island of Okinawa and trained in Tokyo. He moved to the United States in 1980 and was the head sushi chef for restaurants in Chicago, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Tampa. He opened Kazu's Sushi & Japanese Cuisine with his wife Christine in the fall of 2003.

After Returning From Japan, 15 Strange Things Foreigners ...

Dec 30, 2021  · Japan has been globally known to be a country with exceptional food preparation skills and presentation. Along with famous Japanese foods like sushi and tempura, Japan has a wide array of culinary specialties like takoyaki, sukiyaki, nabe, okonomiyaki, soba noodles, yakitori and rice balls that are not only delicious but visually pleasing.

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